Saturday, January 28, 2012


Today I activated my work Google+ account, which led me on a quest to clean up my internet presence. To date, January 28 2012, I have a linkedin account, a personal website, facebook and twitter, a few blogs, and now TWO google+ profiles.

For whatever reason, google insists that my apps for education profile remain separate from my google profile. In theory, I get it...if I leave this job, I still want my personal profile to fall back on. But in practice, it's crazy to think one can successfully manage two accounts at the same. The worse part is that both of my accounts now appear in everyone's search results. So who do you choose? It's like Google wants me to pick "professional photo with fancy business person tag line" for one and "drunken beach photo with hangover advice tag line" for the other, so that the ENTIRE college community that I work for can know which instance of me to encircle.

Anyways, I am now on Google+ twice and I will continue to streamline my internet presence making it easy to find what you need and even easier for me to maintain. Use this page as a launch pad to my other blogs, websites, and internet personas.